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SERVPRO Technician Cleaning Smoke Damaged Contents

A home in Winnetka sustained Fire and Smoke damage due to a fire in their garage.  As you can see in the picture, the smoke damage was severe.  However, our trained SERPVO of Winnetka/Wilmette/Skokie Technicians got the job done!

Basement mold due to power failure

This photo shows what can happen when power is lost  and the sump pump fails. This home was unoccupied when heavy storms hit Skokie , and the owner had no idea his power was lost. Six inches of water filled the basement and was left unchecked for 10 days. Imagine the real estate agents surprise when he walked into this disaster. Summer conditions were perfect for rampant mold growth. The owner called in the team from SERVPRO of Winnetka/Wilmette/Skokie at 847-600-0102 to remediate the mold as well as gut the entire basement down to the studs. Make sure to have someone look in on your property every few days if you can't. This situation could have  been avoided had someone just looked in on it after the storms

Heavy mold in Winnetka attic

This attic space in Winnetka, IL was tested by an environmental engineer and found to have very heavy counts of toxic black mold. The homeowner was very concerned with this development and called the IICRC certified professionals at SERVPRO of Winnetka/Wilmette/Skokie for an assessment and estimate to remediate.The cause of the growth was determined to be insufficient ventilation in the attic. Our HVAC team installed a powered exhaust fan in the attic and then set to work on remediating all of the mold in all three locations.  Certificate of satisfaction reads" I cannot say enough about the professionalism, courtesy, and know how that your team exhibited. My mind was set at ease right from the first meeting." Call the mold remediation specialists at SERVPRO of Winnetka/Wilmette/Skokie at 847-600-0102 today if you suspect any potential microbial growth in your home or business. 

Evanston dance studio sustains pipe breaks in ceiling

This dance studio in Evanston, IL sustained major damage due to multiple pipe breaks in sub zero weather. Our IICRC certified technicians were on the scene quickly to shut the water supply off and begin extracting the standing water. Injecti-dry rescue mats were installed on the hardwood floors and dozens of ceiling tiles were removed . The general manager was very concerned that the studio would have to close for multiple days due to the damage, but SERVPRO of Winnetka/Wilmette/Skokie was able to contain the affected areas and allow normal operation to continue in the remaining studio space. Another satisfied commercial customer who made the right call to SERVPRO of Winnetka/Wilmette/Skokie. If your business has sustained any water, smoke, fire or mod damage call the professionals at 847-600-0102 today.

SERVPRO WWS technicians removing storm water

Here we see the IICRC certified techs from SERVPRO of Winnetka/Wilmette/Skokie removing the water from a utility room after recent storms. They are using a high suction hose powered by the truck mounted extraction pump to quickly and efficiently remove the standing water. Thanks to  state of the art equipment such as this, the amount of damage to the home is greatly reduced. Keep up the good work guys!! Certificate of satisfaction reads" thank you so much for the immediate response. I'm sure you saved us tons of money by getting the water out so quickly"

Storm sewage in Wilmette basement

April storms left this basement in Wilmette full of three inches of sludge and muck. The professional remediation technicians at SERVPRO of Winnetka/Wilmette/Skokie arrived early on a Saturday morning to remediate the damage and start the drying out process

Sewage backup from storm water

This Kenilworth basement bathroom was flooded with 3 inches of sewage water after recent weekend storms. The IICRC certified crew from SERVPRO of Winnetka/Wilmette/Skokie went out at 10 am on a Sunday morning to begin the remediation process. The homeowner was so thankful for the immediate response that on the Certificate of Satisfaction she wrote" I couldn't believe how fast the response was on a Sunday morning. Thank you so much for getting our basement taken care of so quickly and thoroughly. SERVPRO WWS is amazing!!!"

Storm water flood in Skokie basement

Recent heavy rains overwhelmed the sump pump system in this Skokie home. The water was standing at six inches when the team from SERVPRO of Winnetka/Wilmette/Skokie arrived on site. Within four hours, the water had been pumped out to the street and the job of cleanup had begun in earnest.

Smoke and fire damage in Evanston attic

An oscillating fan in the attic fell over, shorted out, and caused a small fire in this Evanston home. The fire was extinguished quickly, but the home sustained plenty of smoke and odor damage throughout the attic and second floor. The homeowner called the professionals at SERVPRO of Winnetka/Wilmette/Skokie and 4 days later hey were soot and odor free and on the way to restoration

Smoke damage to attic insulation

Tis Wilmette home suffered smoke damage to the entire second floor due to a small electrical fire in the attic. SERVPRO of Winnetka/Wilmette/Skokie was called in to remediate the damage and within three days it was looking and smelling better than ever.

Skokie kitchen fire does major damage

This fire in Skokie caused major damage to the kitchen and garage. While the fire was relatively small, every inch of the home was affected by the smoke and soot. SERVPRO of Winnetka/Wilmette/Skokie was dispatched to the scene as soon as it was safe to enter the dwelling. Emergency services were rendered and as soon as  the customer was moved to a hotel, we continued the process of helping them recover by removing all of the affected materials, and ridding the home of smoke and soot.  

Faulty HVAC causes water damage in Chicago fitness studio

Water pooling around a faulty drainage hose caused the ceiling in this commercial gym to collapse. Our IICRC certified techs were on the job immediately and contained the damage, removed all damaged materials, and set the drying equipment in a matter of hours.

Frozen pipes flood Winnetka restaurant

When bitter January cold caused three separate pipe breaks in this Winnetka fast food eatery, SERVPRO of Winnetka/Wilmette/Skokie was dispatched to handle the remediation. Three hours of hard work later, the business was able to reopen without any business interruption at all.

Flooded office space in Evanston

Multiple pipe breaks in ceiling plumbing cause major damage to this office space in Evanston. SERVPRO WWS was on the scene in two hours, and worked through the night to mitigate additional damages.

Confined space attic mold remediation in Skokie

Our project manager Dave Holley hard at work in a confined space attic. This is the reality of the work involved in Mold Remediation. Let the professionals at SERVPRO of Winnetka/Wilmette/Skokie handle these jobs.

Black mold discovered in Chicago two flat

The building owner discovered this mold in a closet when the tenants vacated the property. Definitely a job for the certified professionals at SERVPRO of Winnetka/Wilmette/Skokie. 

Drain backup in Evanston

Heavy rains wreaked havoc on the storm water system in April of 2017. This basement was inundated with six inches of water, which was pumped out in four hours by our team of IICRC certified water remediation technicians.

Flooded office in Winnetka

Multiple frozen pipe breaks led to extensive flooding in this physical therapists office.

Mold discovered in Wilmette garage

This garage in Wilmette sat wet for three weeks while the homeowner was away on vacation. The sump pump failed and due to the summer heat , this is what they returned home to. SERVPRO WWS was on the scene immediately to contain the affected area and begin the remediation process

Flooded basement in Kenilworth

This homeowner had four inches of standing water in their Kenilworth basement when SERVPRO WWS arrived on site. Within three hours our techs had it completely removed. Excellent job team!

Mold loss in Skokie

When you leave town for three months and don't have someone look after your home, devastating things can occur. A failed sump pump led to a foot of water sitting in this Skokie basement for weeks. SERVPRO Of Winnetka/Wilmette/Skokie was dispatched by the homeowners insurance company once the damage was discovered, and we set to work cleaning and remediating all of the damage in this 2,000 square foot basement

Water extraction in Kenilworth basement

Here we can see our crew at work extracting water from a flooded basement in Kenilworth. The truck mounted extraction system pulls water five times  faster than a portable system, allowing us to minimize the damage incurred to this home. One more example of how SERVPRO of Winnetka/Wilmette/Skokie is committed to the highest level of customer service. 

State of the art drying equipment

Here at SERVPRO Winnetka/Wilmette/Skokie we are constantly adding and upgrading our equipment. We take pride in knowing that our gear is up to date,  and can bring about the required results in the shortest amount of time possible. Call us at 847-600-0102 if you are in need of any home or business disaster restoration services.

Our team hard at work

Here we see our techs hard at work doing a total gut job in a home in Winnetka. The heating system had failed while the owners were away and sub zero temperatures caused multiple pipe breaks in the ceilings. The water ran uninterrupted for at least four days, and we had quite a job on our hands restoring it.

New van for SERVPRO WWS

SERVPRO of Winnetka/Wilmette/Skokie has expanded our fleet with a new van in order to respond even faster to any disaster. Call us at 847-600-0102 if you have any type of home emergency.

Smoke and soot damage to ceiling

Here we see a great example of what smoke and soot can do to a home that has sustained a fire. Our techs are taking great care in dry chemical sponging all of the affected areas in a home before moving on to a wet cleaning. The dry cleaning of this ceiling ensures that as much contaminated material as possible is removed from the area in order to protect the materials from sustaining further damage. In a matter of hours our team took this damaged ceiling from this state, to a sparkling white. Remember to always dry clean anything that is dirty first,  before adding any water or cleaning agent to the process.